Snorkelling Day Trip

We were well rested after yesterday, now it was time for us to get up at 6:45am. We got to the pier at 7:50am but we ended up having to wait over 30 minutes for the minibus to pick us up! For some reason it was late, so when we arrived at the pier we were departing from, there was a massive queue to get entry tickets which was a bit of a pain. We were so late that by the time we had received our tickets and checked in, all the breakfast was gone and we were left with ham sandwiches ='[

Nevertheless, we were very excited to finally be boarding the speedboat that would take us to Ko Nang phan. Our guide/host was a very happy Thai guy who lifted everyone’s spirits and made our journey fun. We were the orange team and it was pretty funny when he kept saying ‘awra team’. Could have picked an easier colour to say….
It took about an hour and a half to reach Ko Nang phan but on our way we passed Ko Phangnan which made us even more excited for the full moon party.

When we arrived at the island, we literally could not believe our eyes. It took us a few minutes to take everything in. We had stepped onto paradise!
Blue sky, golden sun, white sand, crystal water and palm trees….perfection! We decided to get the difficult steep climb to the mountain view point out of the way before we tested the water. There were so many steps and once we got to the top, we were really hot, dripping with sweat and tired. However, there was still the tricky part of climbing up the massive boulders in our flimsy flip flops to reach the peak. Every single step was worth the view at the top, just so beautiful. (This is now our cover photo for the blog)

When we ran into the warm sea, we felt like we had definitely deserved it! The water was so refreshing and the perfect temperature. We put our snorkels on and looked at all the fish and coral around a rock. We managed to take some underwater photos on Emmy’s waterproof camera. It was mainly brown coral but it was really interesting to see the different shapes and textures. I saw a school of really small silver fish and some other blue stripey fish as well.

We went to a lunch buffet, I tried some glass noodles but I didn’t like the texture and the sauce they had flavoured it with wasn’t too nice. I had 2 slices of banana bread as well as some fresh pineapple and watermelon =] it was so relaxing looking out onto the beautiful surroundings, Emmy treated herself to a fresh coconut, we said to ourselves that this is what we think heaven would be like…(minus the flies and weird chicken sausage in my glass noodles).

We had a bit of time before moving onto Ko Tao so Emmy sunbathed while I curled up in my hat and cover-up trying not to over heat. I ran back to the restaurant to down 3 glasses of water! When I got back, we went for a quick snorkel but this area had really painful stones on the floor and weird squishy black things which were freaking us out a little =/ I enjoyed it but my snorkel goggles kept steaming up and then water kept leaking in through the sides, even though I had tightened them as much as I could bare. In fact, they were so tight that I now have a bruise from the goggles in between my eyebrows =[
We realised that we were late for catching the boat so ran back to catch our guide saying, ‘awran team awran team hereeee’.
He started telling us about snorkelling on Ko Tao, except he kept saying ‘snorgelin’. His English was very good apart from those random words which made it funny. We got to the snorkelling area of Ko Tao and we decided to jump off the front of the boat! The water was still so warm which was a pleasant surprise. We saw some different types of coral this time, there was a blue wavy one which contracted when ever a fish swam near it. We saw a few bright fish but then the coral and rocks started getting more frequent and closer to Ye surface of the water. When I was treading water trying to sort my mask out again, I kicked a rock which hurt quite a bit =[ I had scrapes on the bottom of my foot afterwards. I ended up kicking a different rock as well. Emmy also scraped her foot on some coral which was worse than mine because it was bleeding a bit =[
We are pretty bruised and battered with scrapes, cuts and bites all over us!
We were sad to leave paradise but it isn’t so bad when you have Ko Samui to go back to! =P

We had a really amazing day out and really glad to have had that experience and see that beautiful corner of the world.20130422-213259.jpg20130422-213327.jpg20130422-213459.jpg






5 thoughts on “Snorkelling Day Trip

  1. This looks amazing! Look like your having a ball. Sorry to hear both of you have poorly feet! Also nice to see some pics with both of you in it 🙂 Take care both.

  2. Glad you’re both having fun. Are you soon off to Sydney?
    Thinking of you while we’re in the rain!! in Switzerland.

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